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Delivering What You Envision For Your Exhibit Program

Our team of supervisors work directly with display houses, exhibit manufactures and direct clients. Reading CAD prints / blueprints, plus a full understanding of all aspects of the exhibit and how it's assembly, disassembly and re-packing for any configuration is our forte. Our supervisors are responsible for working with union, as well as non-union crews regarding installation and dismantling instructions. We are the experts and supervise the team as to exactly how the exhibit assembles and dissembles. Heniff Field Services works with crews on custom details for each specific set. We manages the crew's timeline and efficiency to keep deadlines for set up and dismantle on track and costs in check. We manage general contractor’s crews and their services. Electricians, internet, rigging, sign hanging, AV, lighting, truss and any other services ordered are all included. We are pros in show paperwork; making sure all services and items ordered are at the booth space in place and accounted for. In addition, we manage freight and carrier shipments into and out of the convention center / set-up space.

Trade Show Manuals / Show Books
Show books can be incredibly confusing and time-consuming. Heniff Field Services works directly with our clients in completing their trade show books and paperwork. We provide direction regarding items which must be filled out to complete your trade show books. We finalize all necessary paperwork, allowing you to have a successful show. All deadlines for services to be ordered for each show are expertly kept on track and we specialize in assisting you to select services that work for your specific needs. All forms and paperwork are completed and sent to the general contractor (Freeman, GES, etc…) We follow up with orders, insuring they are ready for your show. Heniff Field Services manages costs of services (timelines) and follows through on final invoices from each show book. No worries!

Arrange Shipping (RT / OW / Multiple)
We contract with an array of shipping companies, arranging the 'best fit' carrier for your shipments to and from each of your shows. We coordinate with you or your display house to ship your exhibit wherever it needs to be...on target, on budget and on time! This includes the footwork to obtain any targeted dates and marshaling yard instructions pertaining to your exhibit. Heniff Field Services obtains advance warehouse or direct shipment address, dates, and times for your exhibit to be received and picked up is all part of what makes us an industry leader. We can easily split and multiply shipments. In addition, Heniff Field Services arranges storage of exhibits between shows so your booth can stay in one location or another (between tight shows); saving you the costs of shipping back and forth. We keep your exhibit regional, which reduces costs dramatically. All exhibit shipments are tracked so you know exactly where your exhibit is at any given time. We insure your shipment will incur no unforeseen mishaps that often times, happen during transit. All claims are handled to insure reimbursement for any unforeseen incidents.

24 / 7 Availability
It's true! We are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days per year. Any trade show emergency you may face are immeadiately handled by our staff. Last minute graphics, missing exhibit parts or client items, tracking of your freight? No worries! Whatever the challenge, we have the solution!

Field Reports
Detailed reports are written and presented after each show, to inform you of any issues or problems which occurred during your shipping, set up and/or dismantle. Reports include information on all details, from damaged exhibits, to incorrect set up prints of your booth. We include which solutions we applied on site and follow up with any claims that need to be handled after the close of show.

Coordinate Install / Dismantle
We arrange union and non-union crews to set up and dismantle each of our client’s trade shows. This includes presentation of multiple bids for labor crews and choosing the best crew for our client’s needs. We hand pick your lead person and booth crews, along with the filling-out of EAC forms and follow up on liability certificates which must be turned in for your shows. This includes monitoring the crew’s time tickets, outside supplies, and services provided. Heniff Field Services also reviews final billing and any follow-up with labor crew companies regarding damage reports, losses and special client requests.

Client Staffing
Need staffing? Heniff Field Services will staff your booth during show hours or just be in the background during the show, for that extra support you may need. Our staffers are professional, articulate, and well-groomed. We keep your giveaways stocked in your booth along with any collateral that may need to be replenished. We support you with accessible storage, where you may retrieve your items during show hours. You may utilize us in any form that is suitable to your needs, to relieve pressure so you can concentrate on the important goals you are looking to achieve at your trade show.

Event Planning
If you can dream it, we can make it happen! We plan and staff any on/off-site event you may have at your trade shows. This includes anything from organizing client or employee lunches and dinner meetings, to product launching events that need to be arranged at hotels, restaurants, etc... We work with outside staffing and venues, arranging of menus, times, costs and all those details included in planning a successful event for your tradeshow.

Sales / Service / Rentals
We can assist you with any sales, services or rental exhibits or exhibit components. Heniff Field Services has an extensive array of resources. We will accommodate any need you may have; from choosing a display house to vendor services. Heniff Field Services has got you covered from tip to tail!

Systems Installed

  • AluVision
  • Laarhoven Design (beMatrix)
  • Exponents (Panel System, Luminents, Lumiture)
  • Cam Lock Systems
  • Highmark Tech Systems
  • The Cube
  • Octanorm
  • Nimlok
  • Skyline
  • TigerMark



         The goal of each show is to attract customers and prospects, maximize foot traffic and always be and look busy. The design of the booth was totally different from anything we have ever done. You could see our signage from anywhere on the show floor. We looked like a leader and received many compliments from the other 1700 show exhibitors. Vicky Williamson of Heniff Field Services has worked with us on the show for the past two years and she really knows the in's and out's of the show and how to get the best from others.

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Let's talk dogs and dads for a minute. Shall we?

I am Vicky Williamson and I am the CEO of this awesome little Trade Show Services Company I call Heniff-Field Services. I named it after my Dad Michael Heniff who is the most loving, ear to ear grinning, hard working and happy guy a daughter could ever want! Oh yeah, he's a nationally-ranked bass fisherman too. Michael is the father of 3 girls, and as a master craftsman for more than 50 years, taught his daughters a few things about the trades. I may look like like a beauty queen (lol) but I'm a down and dirty, get in the trenches and build some bad-ass stuff kind of gal and have been at it almost 30 years! I make it happen and never say die when I comes to our client's projects. I love what I do and have done it passionately for over 30 years. Mostly what keeps me grounded are my dogs. I have had 9 (yes 9) Beautiful Golden Retrieves since 1992. These beauties are what drive me and keep me happy as can be. In my opinion, dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. We are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for a scratch on the head, some cuddle time, good food, exercise, pure water and love. Lots and lots of love!. It is without a doubt the best deal this woman has ever made!

Vicky Heniff Williamson.
CEO Heniff Field Services

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